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Justin & Miranda Engagement

We were so excited for Justin and Miranda's engagement shoot! Out of 70 people on campus, these two met through their roommates during college in Williams Bay, WI. It definitely is a GREAT story that I'm happy they shared with us! 😬

This session started out in the best way possible. And I ALWAYS encourage this... Miranda texted me about outfit choices. I'm tellin' ya people... these photo sessions can seriously be SO memorable. And these photos are going to be hung up in your home. The nicer you dress and correlate outfits (without MATCHING), the better you'll feel!

And that's why we choose to send out a style guide to our wedding couples- we know it really makes a difference how you/your photos look! And look at these outfits... HOW PERFECTLY COHESIVE!! Especially how those beautiful heels matched Justins shirt... I love those small details like that.

One of the reasons why we choose to have consultations with our couples is to be able to truly get to know them. We were so excited after we met these two-they were so incredibly down to earth, SO easy to talk to, and if I remember correctly, the consultation lasted a bit longer than usual because we of how much we had in common.

Covid-19 is obviously changing the way weddings work, it was eye opening talking to a couple who is just less than one year out. Things might still be weird then. In that case- we joked (but seriously are hoping :)) that we're just gonna hop on a plane to Hawaii with the smallest group of people and do a destination wedding... hey, we're down!

Link to our most recent destination wedding -->

We had so much fun at this session, and we hope that you two did also! Thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers.

We are fortunate enough to be able to shoot their wedding in June 2021!

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