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Dylan and Caitlin

Dylan and Caitlin! We have such a great feeling about their wedding coming up in Summer 2020. We always learn SO much about a couple just from their engagement session, and these two did not and will not disappoint 😍

We're not gonna lie- it.was.cold. These two were such troopers, and they really enjoyed and made the most of their Franklin, WI engagement session. There were ALWAYS smiles and romantic stares into each others eyes.

There's this prompt we give couples "okay now look at each other" and these two couldn't help but kiss after just a few seconds. or randomly throughout their session. Almost unaware that there were two cameras in their face 😂 It's really small moments like those is when WE KNOW how photos for their wedding is going to go. Just truly enjoying each others company. It makes us so pumped for their wedding at Rustic Manor.

When these two asked if their pups could come, UHM YES THEY CAN. We love dogs, we totally understand why you want them in your photos-they're part of your family! This is where we want to highlight Jordan (Caitlins friend). Oh Jordan. We wish Jordan could tag along with us when doggos come along, she was so incredibly helpful! She was brought along specifically to take care of the dogs when it was Dylan and Caitlins time to shine. It guarantees a worry free mind for you to really enjoy yourself while still throwing in your fur babies in a few photos!

Thank you both so much for choosing Nick and I to tag along on your amazing journey. We are seriously so very excited for your wedding day and wedding photos!

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