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Celebrating 1 year anniversary!

Tiffany and Aaron will be married exactly one year on November 3rd! I'm happy I was able to get their full gallery delivered just before.



These two followed my direction with ZERO hesitation. If you've ever had a shoot with me, you would know that I ask you to do some weird stuff, but hey, it's cool. It works! I do have to give a shout out to Aaron. It's no secret that men don't like taking photos, am I right ladies? Aaron did freaking awesome. Did and said all the weird things. And now look at these amazing results!!



If getting photos taken for their anniversary wasn't enough, they are going on a vacation. To Texas. So there's that. (I can and will squeeze into a carry-on just FYI). No? Okay cool. At least bring back some heat and sunshine to Wisconsin for me, will ya? :) Thank you both so much, I had the best time! and CONGRATS!

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